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Understanding The Use & Importance of Wine Cooler Racks for Outdoor Home Bars

Wine cabinets, racks, cellars, coolers – WOW! There are so many choices that it is overwhelming. These terms, which are often used interchangeably to describe the storage procedure for wine and other alcoholic beverages for outdoor home bars, can be confusing. It seems that the use and purpose of these four essential wine storage solutions are indistinguishable! However, knowing the difference between them is vital to determine the optimal storage solution for your needs.

What Does A Good Wine Bottle Need?

When wine collectors set a home bar – whether portable or stationary – their primary purpose is to keep the wine bottles in perfect condition - out of direct sunbeams and at humidity levels that are higher than 50 percent. Low humidity can cause wines to dry and gives them a crisp taste. The wrong temperature can also spoil a good wine, so it is essential to choose the right storage accessory to maintain your prized collection in top shape!

Portable Coolers Wine Racks – An Overview!

Portable Coolers Wine Racks come is many shapes, forms and finishes. It would seem that they are easy to build, but the good ones come with a refrigerating technology that enable them to keep the wines fresh, chilled, and intact. Such frames often come with an open-face front, rear, and sides, with multiple well-placed shelves for stocking up and organizing your collected wines. These coolers have an insulated interior. The storage capacity of wine coolers can range from a small one that can store up to six bottles to larger models with space capacity for more than 160 bottles.

The interior of the wine cooler comes with a temperature-controlled cupboard with well-organized racks for storing wine bottles. In simple terms, a wine cooler is an insulated and portable appliance that enables users to organize, display and preserve their wines and spirits properly, under the right conditions and temperature. Similar to wine racks or cabinets, portable coolers wine racks can also be designed with a wooden exterior to match your decor.

Types of Wine Coolers

Basically, there are two main types of wine coolers available in the market i.e.

1. Thermoelectric Wine Coolers

2. Compressor Wine Coolers

Thermoelectric coolers function inaudibly, without making any noise and vibration, but they can be more sensitive to the climatic temperature in the room where they are located. On the other hand, compressor wine coolers are a bit noisier than their counterpart but they usually have a longer lifespan. Moreover, it is also better and more reliable at maintaining unswerving temperatures inside the room where they are situated.

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